The gym is set in a dojo, and has punching bags swinging from side to side which you need to avoid. If you touch one, you'll be brought back to the start. Once you get past that, there is a trainer waiting to fight. You get past him, and get through a bamboo maze. The next room is in pitch black darkness. The player crosses over a tripwire, activating the lights. DerpyDrago stands in the middle of the room, with his back turned. He talks, and then the fight begins.


Pre-Battle: So you got past my traps, huh? That must mean you are "resilient" [_____]. However, me and my Pokémon can also be resilient, as well! So, if you think you are ready, face me for a chance for my badge! [stepping forward]I see you are ready! Very well then, LETS GET THIS ON!!!!! Player uses super effective move:Be wary, that leaves you open to a counter attack! DerpyDrago on last Pokémon: You got this Combusken! If Combusken is ineffective: Stay determined little guy! When you lose: Nicely played, young trainer, but victory is not always granted. When you win: Congratulations, you can have the Fighting Badge! Rematch: A rematch, eh? Heh, expected that sometime soon. Well, TIME TO BATTLE! Rematch/you win:Nicely done! You win against him 10 times without losing: GOSH, CAN'T YOU LET ME WIN?!


  • The gym is a fighting type gym.
  • The fight music is Spear of Justice by Toby Fox.

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